Personal Data Country of Birth: Brazil
Country of Residence: Brazil
Age: 1955 -
Medium - Style: Painting - Historic Landscapes
Price Range: $980-$9,900
Languages: Portuguese, English

Biography: Highly acclaimed as the leading Brazilian artist of historical landmarks, Eduardo Camões, is now turning his talent to the landscapes of America, where at one time, as a young man, he lived, worked and painted historical scenes of southern California.
The call to return to America and paint historical landmarks is a strong one that is destined to elevate Camões' art to a new level. Having been recognized by the American art community, Camões'works now hang proudly throughout the United States.

"Old America" is the culmination of years of research into the rich historic American past, filled with the lush scenery that evokes a mixture of pride and passion for the American dream.

In January of 1973, a young Brazilian art student by the name of Eduardo Camões, all of seventeen, decides to turn his sights to the United States of America. His goal in mind? Learn English and get a sense of what is taking place in the California Impressionist Painting School by taking classes. With good luck and fortune, Camões is invited to spend his stay in the U.S. with an American family, which he now lovingly refers to as his "adoptive American parents." Camões gives up his studies in Brazil and heads for the U.S. where he travels through forty of the fifty states.

After his travels he joins two art associations: Hemet Valley and the Arlington Art Guild of Riverside, California. He begins to show his art at the Val Valentine Gallery, as well as eleven other spots in a period of one year. His talents showed in his paintings of landscapes and historical scenes of Southern California.

In January of 1974, Camões returns to Brazil with the satisfaction of knowing that he has been well accepted by the art community in California for all his paintings had been sold. Camões states, "Not just sold, but sold at a good price!"

Camões realizes that working with the artists of California had a profound impact on his artistic insight. He has shown this same insight in his paintings, as well as, a very successful Brazilian bilingual art book, Rio Antigo(Old Rio). Now in its 6th edition it is available through ArteLatina.com, Amazon.com and selected American galleries.

The Camões dream is to return to his roots in California; start on historical research for his new project, which includes painting scenes of a bygone era of American history. Camões has applied this technique to landscape paintings of Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian cities. Camões is now preparing a book in the style of his popular Rio Antigo and hopes for its release in the year 2001.

Camões, in part, began to realize his dream in late 1999, by returning to California and start his research. In one month's time, he and his wife Marcia, were able to cover five-thousand miles by car - traveling along the California coastline from San Diego to San Francisco - Highway 1, then on to Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park and Palm Springs.

Today, having successfully entered the American art scene with his lush paintings of the American landscape, Camões' works can be viewed in galleries across the United States.

Generations Gallery Director, Victoria King feels that "Eduardo Camões" will have a definite impact on American Art Lovers, as he has had for so many years in Brazil. She states that his works have been greatly received by the gallery's clients who marvel at his attention to details, his picturesque perfection, beautiful sunsets over translucent waters and incredible landscapes.


Eduardo Camões at his easel